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About Caring Transitions OKC West & Canadian County

Caring Transitions OKC West & Canadian County is the Professional Solution for relocation services including downsizing, decluttering, & estate sales for both full and partial liquidations.

Regardless of the situation, planned or unexpected, the loss of a loved one or the need to relocate someone can be challenging. The physical challenges and emotional strains can be overwhelming enough, without the added stress of life’s unexpected events. Caring Transitions OKC West & Canadian County offers a streamlined support system to help facilitate a less stressful transition, taking care of the details so you can take care of yourself or a loved one.

About the Owners: Dale and Sheryle Gates

Whether you’re getting ready to downsize, you’re helping an older loved one move or you’re clearing out an estate, doing it alone – or even with family – can be a long and daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. We are Dale and Sheryle Gates, the local owners of Caring Transitions OKC West & Canadian County and we are here to help you get through the down/right-sizing, move or estate clearing you are facing with as little stress and frustration as possible. 

Caring Transitions’ services are perfect for managing the many aspects of a senior move, including assisting with the process of downsizing to provide a safer living situation, as well as for busy families and people clearing out the home of a loved one who has moved into assisted care or passed away. Caring Transitions’ specially-trained professionals handle decluttering, organizing, packing, moving, resettling, in-home estate sales, online auctions, estate clearing and preparing homes to put on the market.  We work in Oklahoma City West, Suburban Northside, Warr Acres, Bethany, Mustang, Yukon, Canadian County and surrounding areas. 


I started working as a ranch and oilfield laborer progressing through mid-level and then into senior management. Then 25 years ago, I made the decision to continue my career as the owner and president of Gateway Development Resources, Inc.  Since starting Gateway, I have completed many construction and development projects, provided specialty contract management services and performed extensive research on; Aging-in-Place Universal-design construction, Accessibility-renovations and the Transitional-services sector supporting America’s aging-population & growing downsizing-shift.

 A few years ago, Sheryle and I helped my parents through several challenging downsizing moves. These experiences – especially since they live 1,950 miles away – helped us realize the need for a service to help people through the difficult life-transition of downsizing. So, we decided to apply our passion and experience helping seniors who, due to failing-health, or the need to be close to family, had to downsize and move. We started by providing older adults and their families with down/right-sizing, home preparation, final clean-out and realtor services. In many cases, the homes we bought were fully furnished and required full liquidations prior to performing Aging-in-Place Universal-design renovations and sale. 


I have been a flight attendant for 32 years and a licensed real estate agent – first in Texas and in Oklahoma – since 2014 and am currently a Realtor with Metro First Realty. 

When we helped Dale’s parents and the time came for us to return home, we knew everything was not finished and they still needed a lot of help. Like many seniors who don’t live near their family, they didn’t have a support system and we didn’t have or know anyone we could trust to help them with the many tasks yet to do.  It’s painful to not be able to help your loved ones when they need you. It’s our goal and desire that Caring Transitions fill that gap for families with loved ones in our community. 

When we were buying, renovating and selling homes before Caring Transitions, our focus was working with older adults and families. In fact, about 80 percent of our clientele was over 70. In many cases, we found that not only the older adults wanting to move, but also their helping family and friends were overwhelmed by the magnitude of time and work required to take-on such an undertaking. Additionally, they just didn’t know where to start or what to do with all of the stuff they didn’t need anymore. 

Although we had confirmed there was a huge need to help people through this challenging life-transition and it was very rewarding, working 70 to 80 hours a week without the support of a team wasn’t sustainable. We had to find a new and better way through qualified and compassionate people. That’s what led us to Caring Transitions.

Caring Transitions’ stringent qualifications and extensive training as providers of transitional turn-key-services was the perfect solution for anyone thinking of down/right-sizing or moving. Service options start with accessing and understanding goals, planning, managing and assisting with the process to provide a safer living situation, as well as for busy families and people clearing out the home of a loved one who has moved into assisted care or passed away. All of Caring Transitions’ services are customizable, so clients choose the solution that best fits their needs. 

When you hire Caring Transitions, we bring in a team to learn about your goals for the transition, create a plan to help you achieve those goals and then execute the plan for you. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help.

Life and its given time are valuable. We are hoping that, by working with Caring Transitions, families can spend more quality time together. You can make a lot of memories while going through a transition – and they can be good memories. Let us take the stress and frustration out of the process. 

We are both Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) and Sheryle has her Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) certification as well.

Create a Customized Transition Plan That Fits Your Needs!

  • Inventory, Sort, De-clutter, Downsize
  • Estate Move Management – Coordinate Movers, Pack/Unpack
  • Sell Items – Estate Sales, On-line Auction Services
  • Disperse, Donate, Recycle, Discard Items
  • Liquidate Business Assets
  • Floor Planning for New Residence
  • Repair, Paint, Clean, Stage Home for Resale
  • Assist Executors, Attorneys, Trustees, Realtors
  • Decluttering and Organizing
  • Fund Raisers
  • Other Special Projects

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Transition Specialists

Caring Transitions OKC West & Canadian County employees are held to the highest standards, and maintain ongoing security and education requirements. All of our employees are bonded, insured and thoroughly screened, and each of our offices participates in the comprehensive Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS) Program. The CRTS credential is a professional mark of ethics and excellence in the field of move management.

Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS)

Areas Served

Oklahoma City West & Suburban Northside, Warr Acres, Bethany, Mustang, Yukon & Canadian County, and surrounding areas.

Adapting to a New Lifestyle

As life changes, it may become necessary to leave a familiar home and part with personal belongings in order to downsize and relocate to a smaller home or retirement community. At Caring Transitions OKC West & Canadian County, we help our clients understand the process, evaluate their options and make informed decisions that suit their best interests. We are committed to making each client’s experience positive by minimizing stress and maximizing results.